Deadly word game

By Antoine Demortier | French | Guinea | Kouroussa | February 9, 2020

I need to do something with a local man. This man said to me: "My father is tired". I tell him to let his father rest, it doesn't matter, it's with him that I want to do something ... I insist, he insists, finally, he accepts sadly. He leaves. A witness to the scene tell me that this is not good what I am doing. After an another discussion, I understand that his father is dying ... "Tired" in this country means dying. TFP


Welcome gift

By Benoit Demortier | French | Brisbane | Australia | January 15, 2020

I'm at Brisbane Airport! Paris - Dubai, Dubai - Singapore, Singapore - Brisbane. Finally, I arrive in Australia, after 36 hours of journey, 22 hours of flight and 14 hours of stopover. The customs officer controls me. He opens my bag, we both notice that my shower gel exploded during the trip, transforming my bag into a poolparty. I spend my first hours in oz washing all my things... welcome to Australia!


Short memory

By Benoit Demortier | French | Australia | Adelaide | March 7, 2020

I have been in Australia for 7 months and it's the seventheenth time of my trip that I forgot my shower gel in the bathrooms of the youth hostels. TFP


Tinder, but who is Pham?

By Lorgi | French | Vietnam | Saigon | March 7, 2020

Tinder, such a nice place to discover the most beautiful girl in Vietnam. I crush with Pham, beautiful pictures! I meet her in a bar, when I arrive, I realize that Pham is a trans with a loud voice... Such a nice and interesting date ahah. TFP


Sleep watered

By Benoit Demortier | French | Australia | Berri | March 7, 2020

I am looking for a place to sleep tonight. I find a beautiful and confortable grass: The field of the Glossop High School. It's holiday, so there is nobody. I sleep under the stars, without my tent, the weather is perfect. TFP! The automatic watering has started!


Ass head

By Benoit Demortier | French | Colombia | Bogota | March 2, 2020

I am in the toilets of a museum. I understand after pooping that there is no paper... Nowhere and there is nobody. I want to send a message to my friend who are visiting the museum, there is no network. I use the copy of my ID to clean myself. I used my own face to clean my ass. TFP.


Hello Kid, what do you need?

By Benoit Demortier | French | Australia | Around Mildura | March 7, 2020

I arrive with my friend Yann to a small city near Mildura in the middle of the night, we don't want to pay a hostel so we decide to sleep in the small house of the playground of the city's park. The morning, a howl wakes us up! A child is playing on the playground, he is entered in the small house! He sees us and panics, howls and runs direction to his mom. he is terrify and he is crying! "Mom! Mom, who are they? Tramps?" Big discomfort. TFP


Brittle feet

By Benoit Demortier | French | Indonesia | Gili Island | March 7, 2020

I want to go around the island. The weather is good, I decide to walk without shoes. After one hour, other side of the island, the ground is fucking HOT and there is no shadow anymore. Each step is painful. I am waiting in a small shadow area, looking for a solution. I see a local man, I ask him to buy his flip-flop, he refuses, I increase the price, he accepts for 10€! for sure, it's his daily wages, great for him TFP!


“The swedish are all nice!”

By Camille | French | Sweden | Linkoping | March 17, 2020

At the end of a rave party in Sweden, I went back with my friends by bike when on the road we stopped in a macdo to eat. Believing that Sweden was a very safe country and maybe still because of alcohol we left our bikes right in the middle of the bike path... Oddly coming back the bikes were no longer there... We came back on foot...TFP


Always ask nationality first…

By Simon | French | Spain | Barcelone | March 18, 2020

I am in a nightclub, a little drunk, in Barcelona. The perfect place to practice my English and meet people. I find a pretty partner to discuss, I pay her a drink and after 10 minutes I ask her his nationality. She is French too and... she decides to stop speaking with me, she leaves TFP


Too much pride

By Martin | French | Mauritius | Flic en Flac | March 23, 2020

Arrived in Mauritius 3 weeks ago. My first party is tonight. I need to be fresh and clean, and drink a few beers to be on fire in the club. I meet this beautiful girl in the VIP area. We look each other, and we decide to talk. She then invites me to join her. I say Β« no I’m not a vip guy Β» and I keep dancing. Mistake, 5 minutes later she’s gone and I eat my burger on my own. Sad. I didn't want to do the easy man, I am stupid! TFP


The sky is a joker

By Benoit Demortier | French | Australia | South Australia | March 7, 2020

I am on the road in South Australia, I live in my car. It starts to rain. I take my shower with the rain. Suddenly, the rain stops. all my body is covered by shower gel! TFP


4 stupid French

By Lorgi | French | Spain | Barcelona | March 7, 2020

During a trip with my best friends, we decide to book an Airbnb. Everything is perfect. We go back drunk and... we realize that we slammed the door without keys! We had to spend all night in the hallway of the building... TFP    


Get fooled by the jet lag

By May | French | France | Paris | March 4, 2020

After one year traveling I'm back to France. All my family want to welcome me back at the airport. But when I arrive nobody was there... I told them I arrive one day after...! Didn't read properly my flight ticket had get fooled by the jet lag. TFP


I need trading lessons

By Louis | French | Turkey | Istanbul | March 23, 2020

I was in the souk. I saw a beautiful wood box, the seller told me that it painted by hand, beautiful piece. I negotiated with the seller: 20 euros instead of 60 euros. I bought it. 10 minutes later, I saw exactly the same wood box. I asked the price: 5 euros... TFP


Too far in the night

By Pedrolinho | French | Colombia | BogotΓ‘ | March 13, 2020

Big party in BogotΓ‘. I am not only drunk but I am also well charged (cocaine), I see a girl and decide to go back with her to my flat. Inside, we drink more and we take more cocaine. We pass a wonderful night! When I wake up few hours laters, I smell something really bad ... I open up my eyes and I see that she left some little shitty presents all over my place .. DISGUSTING! TFP


Love before everything

By Anonymous | French | Colombia | Cartagena | March 19, 2020

I meet an Australian girl, we pass 3 days together. The last night, we kiss, we want to finish the night together, the tomorrow, she leaves the country. But we sleep in a dormitory and not in the same youth hostel. it's 4am. We ask 3 hotels, all the receptionists refuse. After the last refusal, we kiss in the street, into the wall, obscured by a tree and... we make love! Great moment until... the arrival of the Colombians cops. I propose them a bribe. They refuse. Fine of 100€: el ciudadano se sorprende teniendo acto sexual en via pΓΊblica con la seΓ±orita... TFP!


Speaking too quickly

By Esteban | French | France | Marseille | March 23, 2020

Marseille. I rented a car for the weekend. I arrived in front of my friend's house. I found a parking place directly, I am so happy. One hour later, when I came back on the parking place, the car wasn't there anymore. I looked around me and... I saw that I parked my car in front of the police station! TFP


French credit card suck

By Melissa | French | Nepal | Katmandou | March 19, 2020

Arrived in Nepal, no cash money. I took a taxi to go directly to my hotel. The address are tricky and if you are not local it is very tough to know where you are going. I told the taxi man I add to withdraw some money to pay him. BUT... you never know how an ATM looks like in country. And here in Nepal... wow... 5 ATM in a room, 1 working. My french credit card didn't work. I had warn my bank but no money coming out of the ATM... here with no money, I'am fucked. TFP


I love customs

By Bat Malle | French | USA | San Diego | March 5, 2020

I live in San Diego, with my friends, we decide to take a trip of 4 days to Rosarito. Everything is going well until the return, after spending 4 hours in line at the border, the agents decide to keep me aside. I actually have a visa extension valid for 6 more months but it is not on my passport (I forgot it in my flat in San Diego). After long negotiations not to be sent back to France, I manage to get a temporary visa valid for one week that I pay 600 euros... The worst ? The new visa has cancelled the last one ! After 7 days, I have to leave my job and back in France... TFP.