The sky is a joker

By Benoit Demortier | French | Australia | South Australia | March 7, 2020

I am on the road in South Australia, I live in my car. It starts to rain. I take my shower with the rain. Suddenly, the rain stops. all my body is covered by shower gel! TFP


Multiple Flop

By Antoine Demortier | French | Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia | January 15, 2020

I call my sister who travel all around the world. "I can join you in Myanmar!". Answer: "Ok cool, do you have your visa? It's a month away." First flop ... Too late to do it in France, I decide to do it on arrival as I have seen it sometimes. I get off during my stopover in Kuala Lumpur. I go to the Myanmar embassy in this city. Surprise! Hundreds of people in a concrete courtyard surrounded by a wall embellished with barbed wire. To accentuate this crazy vision, guys who break stones in the middle, a real penitentiary in the far west! New flop, nothing is written in English, I wander in this bizarre embassy. Finally a man understands me a little. He sends me to a travel agency at the other end of town. For a few tens of euros my visa will be ready the next day. Flop again, my bank card sends a confirmation code to my local N-C numbers. I find a solution... I call my mom, best joker ever, I pay my visa and take a new ticket of plane to continue my journey. My sister, not sure if I arrived or not, started her trip to Myanmar. When I arrive, she is not here anymore ?. I'll try to find her, but that's another story, or a TFP ?.


Triple fines!

By John | Russian | Australia | Melbourne | March 27, 2020

Melbourne in the night. I was drunk but not too much. I was walked on the street with my bootle of whisky without the paper bag (In Australia, it's forbidden). Police caught me and they gave me 3 fines! For "Alcohol advertising", "Alcohol consumption on the public highway" and "Drunkenness on the public highway". As says N.W.A: FUCK THA POLICE! TFP


An greedy ant

By Benoit Demortier | French | Australia | Berri | March 13, 2020

Berri. I am in front of the lake. Everything is peaceful. ARGH! A fucking red ant has bite my dick! TFP


Monoski by obligation

By Marc | French | France | Risoul | March 23, 2020

20 years that I have bought my skis. I took a cable car from the ski station. I arrived at the top of the mountain, 2750m. I started the descent. 2 minutes later, I broke my left ski! I descended all the mountain with one ski! My thigh was in fire at the end ahah! TFP


Brittle feet

By Benoit Demortier | French | Indonesia | Gili Island | March 7, 2020

I want to go around the island. The weather is good, I decide to walk without shoes. After one hour, other side of the island, the ground is fucking HOT and there is no shadow anymore. Each step is painful. I am waiting in a small shadow area, looking for a solution. I see a local man, I ask him to buy his flip-flop, he refuses, I increase the price, he accepts for 10€! for sure, it's his daily wages, great for him TFP!


Always ask nationality first…

By Simon | French | Spain | Barcelone | March 18, 2020

I am in a nightclub, a little drunk, in Barcelona. The perfect place to practice my English and meet people. I find a pretty partner to discuss, I pay her a drink and after 10 minutes I ask her his nationality. She is French too and... she decides to stop speaking with me, she leaves TFP


Fast and Furious Robinvale Drift

By Benoit Demortier | French | Australia | Robinvale | March 7, 2020

A Few kilometers from the city of Robinvale, my friend Yann learn me to drift like Sean Boswell! It's AMAZING! Fast and Furious Robinvale Drift my boys!!! A few moments later, cops are there. Conclusion: fine of 361$.


Who has photocoped

By Cassou | French | Slovenia | Ljubljana | March 9, 2020

Everything was planned and already paid. But we were stuck in Ljubljana because we forgot our driving licence in the copy machine. TFP.


Fuck sprains

By Matthieu | French | France | Montpellier | March 13, 2020

Making a bad sprain 3 days before going on a road trip on the west coast of the United States, with hikes planned in National Parks... I arrived in USA with crutches ... TFP


Christmas? It’s for rich people

By Benoit Demortier | French | Australia | Melbourne | March 7, 2020

Melbourne, CBD, 19th December, for one night in a 4 bed room in a youth hostel... I pay 47$... 47 DOLLARS! TFP


Thank you topographer

By Antoine Demortier | French | Zugarramurdi | Spain | January 15, 2020

In the Spanish Pyrenees, I hike, darkness falls. In order not to be dazzled, I use a red lamp to look at my card. I take a shortcut on the map. After a while I find myself facing a huge climb! You cannot see the contour lines of a map in red light. These damn lines are red. TFP


Airplane ticket dates

By Melissa | French | Australia | Melbourne | March 3, 2020

Haven’t read correctly my travel ticket. Arrived 1 day after the written date. My host family came the day before, of course I wasn’t there as I was on the plane. Arrived at Melbourne airport, no host family to pick me up... because they came the day before. Always make sure you consider jet lag in your plan parameters. TFP


Stronger than the storm

By Benoit Demortier | French | Australia | Berri | March 23, 2020

Berri. I camp in front of the lake. It's the storm of the year. Each minute, I hear a thunderclap with gusts of winds over 100km/h. Suddenly BAM! The wind has broken my tent, metal rods are broken. I am staying under my crushed tent until the morning. Best night ever! TFP


These are good shoes that said

By Benoit Demortier | French | Argentina | El Chalten | March 27, 2020

It's time for a road trip of 6 months in South America! Youpi!!! 2 weeks after my arrival, I have an inflammation of my feet tendons because of my mountain trekking shoes (fuck Decathlon) that I bought 100 euros before my trip. I pay a new pair of mountain trekking shoes (long life to Salomon) and to heal, for 2 weeks, I have to wear flip-flop. I do the trek of Fitz Roy in flip-flop! (8 hours). TFP


Get fooled by the jet lag

By May | French | France | Paris | March 4, 2020

After one year traveling I'm back to France. All my family want to welcome me back at the airport. But when I arrive nobody was there... I told them I arrive one day after...! Didn't read properly my flight ticket had get fooled by the jet lag. TFP


Welcome gift

By Benoit Demortier | French | Brisbane | Australia | January 15, 2020

I'm at Brisbane Airport! Paris - Dubai, Dubai - Singapore, Singapore - Brisbane. Finally, I arrive in Australia, after 36 hours of journey, 22 hours of flight and 14 hours of stopover. The customs officer controls me. He opens my bag, we both notice that my shower gel exploded during the trip, transforming my bag into a poolparty. I spend my first hours in oz washing all my things... welcome to Australia!


Always checking

By CΓ©line | French | Argentina | Potrerillos | March 27, 2020

I was in Mendoza with a friend, we decided to go to Potrerillos for one day, one night. The day after, we learnt that there was no autobus because it was a public holiday in Argentina. But we had a plane the afternoon to go to Iguazu. Panic! We did hitch hiking and we arrived just in time... TFP


Ass head

By Benoit Demortier | French | Colombia | Bogota | March 2, 2020

I am in the toilets of a museum. I understand after pooping that there is no paper... Nowhere and there is nobody. I want to send a message to my friend who are visiting the museum, there is no network. I use the copy of my ID to clean myself. I used my own face to clean my ass. TFP.


Very bad trip

By Romy | French | USA | Fort Lauderdale | March 3, 2020

On my way to Managua in Nicaragua, I got arrested and locked in a room at the US borders for a problem with my Esta. They kept me in for 21 hours with only water and cereal bars to eat. The next day they sent me back to France after a 9h stopover in Oslo. So I travelled from Friday morning to Sunday night for... Nothing.