Algeria, 1954. Two very different men thrown together are forced to flee across the Atlas mountains. Daru, the reclusive teacher, has to escort Mohamed, a villager accused of murder.


Forrest Gump is an American dramatic comedy released in 1994. It is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Winston Groom (1986). The film tells the eventful history of the United States between the 1950s and the 1980s through the gaze of a “simple-minded” man, Forrest Gump.

It’s not a film about travel but it’s the same spirit. The life of Forrest Gump is like a pen, which lets itself be carried by the wind. Backpackers and travellers perform in the same way, day after day, carried by the events of the trip. I watched this film when I was 19 years old before my departure and I learned a lot with this movie. I am sur that everybody in the world can have a full life and a incredible destiny, like Forrest Gump if you are friendly and yourself.


Holidaymakers arriving in a Club Med camp on the Ivory Coast are determined to forget their everyday problems and emotional disappointments. Games, competitions, outings, bathing and sunburn accompany a continual succession of casual affairs.

There are three films: French Fried Vacation (to the beach), French Fried Vacation 2 (to the ski) and French Fried Vacation 3: Friends Forever. These are classics of French popular cinema. I love it! The trailer is not available, I put the music of the films. 


Inspired by the true story, the film traces in a very documented way the last seventy days of the Brazilian student Gabriel Buchmann from Kenya to Malawi. Wishing to live as close as possible to the natives, he frantically tries to free himself from his tourist status along a route which leads to the summit of Kilimanjaro, where he buries the photograph of his father, who died four years earlier. .. People who have crossed his path interpret their own role four years apart.


Focused on French painter Paul Gauguin’s affair with a younger lady in Tahiti. Paul Gauguin was born the 7th June 1848 in Paris and died the 8th May 1903, in Atuona, Hiva Oa, in the Marquesas Islands. He is a post-impressionist painter and he is considered one of the major French painters of the 19th century. 


In 1967, a Kentucky student, Dian Fossey, hired by anthropologist Louis Leakey to study and identify mountain gorillas on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Increasingly fascinated by these animals, she decides to devote herself full-time to their study and to their defense and settles near their habitat with her second follower, Sembagare. 


Hector and the Search for Happiness is a British drama co-written and directed by Peter Chelsom and released in 2014. Hector, a London psychiatrist decides to travel the globe in search of happiness.

The search for happines. Very interesting subject. The film is not incredible but I like the substance. After watching this movie, I decide to write on a paper everything that gives me happiness. It is an exercise that allows you to better understand your desires. Now I know what gives me bliss and it’s fucking good!


A young mother and her two daughters travel to Marrakech, Morocco, during the 1960s. The mother, Julia, is disenchanted by the English life. They live in a low-rent Marrakesh hotel and make a living out of making hand-sewn dolls and with some money sent by the girls’ father, an artist in London.


In the high mountains of Nepal, in Dolpo, in Tibet at an altitude of 5,000 m, two caravans of salt nomads leave to sell their salt. It is a Franco-Anglo-Swiss-Nepalese film, adapted from the eponymous novel by Evelyne Brisou-Pellen.


In 1892, Captain Joseph J. Blocker, legend of the American army, was entrusted with a mission which he reluctantly accepted. With his men, he must escort Yellow Hawk, a dying Cheyenne warchief, and his family to return to their tribal lands. During the trip between New Mexico and Montana, the soldiers and the Cheyennes will have to show solidarity and mutual aid to survive the dangers they will encounter.

In line with the greatest westerns, Hostiles is a magnificent film, very moving and very human. We follow the protagonists in their captivating journey through the sublime landscapes of the American West. I had a great time.


A group of British pensioners decides to stay in a retirement home in India. But, upon arriving at their destination, they discover that the building has almost nothing to do with the palace whose merits have been praised. 


First part of the Indiana Jones saga, Raiders of the Lost Ark was nominated nine times at the 1982 Oscars and obtained five. Critical and commercial success, it led to the production of three suites: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ( 1984), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), a television series, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1992-1996) and fifteen video games from the start of the franchise. Indiana Jones is a fictional character created by the American director, screenwriter and producer George Lucas, who is inspired by the character of Hiram Bingham, American archaeologist discoverer of Macchu Picchu in Peru. Adventurer and professor of archeology, Indiana Jones is interpreted by Harrison Ford. Unmissable adventure film, a classic!


Settled in the Bahamas, Jared dreams of finding a wreck but he lacks the money to carry out his project. His fiancée, Sam, consoles him while waiting for better days. During a dive, with Landing Bryce, an old friend of Jared, accompanied by a sculptural blonde met the day before, the four friends discover what could be a wreck. But right next to it is a plane carcass with on board a shipment of drugs that will attract a lot of lust.

I love this movie! Everything is present to pass a good moment: sexy actors, sun, dive, money, music, boat, ocean, alcohol, sex, violence, drug, suspence, sharks…! My eyes are bleeding in front of the beauty of Jessica Alba, girls say the same for Paul Walker. Rest in Peace and thank you for making me dream trough your perfomances.


Christopher McCandless is a brilliant American student who just graduated and has a bright future. Rejecting the principles of modern society, after a dinner in a restaurant with his parents, to celebrate his diploma, he decides to go on the roads, without notifying his family. He thus renounces the American dream for an adventurous life.

It’s easy. This film have been a revelation for me. With the other movie “The Beach”, Both contributed to my desire to go alone to the other side of the world at 19 years old. Sean Penn: “We must encourage young people to live rites of passage that are endangering, where the risk of pain is as great as the risk of pleasure”. So true…


A group of backpacking friends travels through the Bolivian jungle to find a tribe isolated from the world. Helped by a pseudo-adventurer called Karl, they roam a part of the place then still unexplored.

Harry Potter in South America! I watched this film one year after be back from Amazonia, a true moment of nostalgie! Amazonia is unique. I will remember all my life when I was in the forest, eyes closed, hearing thousands of sounds from the nature. Amazonia has something of mysterious, an emotionally strong place in the world. You have to go there, to discover by yourself. And it’s a true story, I will buy the book for sure!


Two childhood friends, a New York hairstylist and a would-be musician, get caught up with the mob and are forced to deliver $50,000 to Australia, but things go haywire when the money is lost to a wild kangaroo.



Balian of Ibelin travels to Jerusalem during the Crusades of the 12th century, and there he finds himself as the defender of the city and its people.

It’s an historic film. That’s not exactly about travel but I love this movie. Go on a cruisade is to travel to the unknown. The story, the costumes, the actors, the landscapes (France, Italia, desert, Jerusalem), everything is uncredible. I have never been in Middle East, I want to change that. Enjoy it, the film is a Masterpiece, thank you Ridley Scott!


In 1947, the Kon-Tiki expedition, led by Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian explorer accompanied by five men, will cross the Pacific Ocean on a simple raft to demonstrate that the inhabitants of South America could well have crossed the sea to settle on the Polynesian islands. Their journey will have lasted 101 days spanning more than 8000km. This film traces the genesis and the progress of their journey.



Samir lives in a suburban city. One day, he has a revelation when he sees the picture of an American surfer from suburbs who looks like him. 


A strait-laced French student moves into an apartment in Barcelona with a cast of six other characters from all over Europe. Together, they speak the international language of love and friendship.