Lawrence of Arabia is a British historical adventure film directed by David Lean, released in 1962. It is inspired by the life of Thomas Edward Lawrence, nicknamed “Lawrence of Arabia”, whose role is performed by Peter O’Toole. Fairly faithful to the life of the British officer, he participated in the construction of his legend.


A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor: a fearsome Bengal tiger. Pi’s Odyssey is adapted from the success story “The History of Pi” by Yann Martel. He was nominated for eleven Oscars, including that of the best film in 2013. He was the most awarded film at the ceremony with four Oscars, including that of the best director for Ang Lee.


This is the film adaptation of the novel “I wanted to find my mother” by Saroo Brierley. The film is based on a true story. A five-year-old Indian boy is adopted by an Australian couple after getting lost hundreds of kilometers from home. 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family.

After Slumdog Millionaire, Dev Patel is again present in a masterpiece. I cried like never I had cried in front of a film. This story is so moving. Wouah. And it’s a true story. It’s incredible, you have to watch it. Prepare the handkerchiefs.


Little Miss Sunshine tells in the form of a road movie, the participation of the young Olive in a beauty contest, accompanied by a colorful family. With a budget of $ 8 million, the comedy was a critical and public success and brought in more than $ 100 million at the box office.


During the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pushes his ship and crew to their limits in pursuit of a formidable French war vessel around South America. The film is a high success with critics. Named in ten categories at the 76th Academy Awards, he won those for best photography and best sound editing.

It’s one of my favorite movies. Russell Crowe is a great actor. When I wad kid, I was playing a lot with my pirate boat, watching a movie like that, it’s like becoming a kid again. I have been carried by the story, the atmosphere, the most? Naval battles, images are incredibly realistic. I love this film!


While on a trip to Paris with his fiancée’s family, a nostalgic screenwriter finds himself mysteriously going back to the 1920s every day at midnight.


Ellis and Neckbone are 14 years old. During one of their frequent escapades along the Mississippi, they discover on an island a man taking refuge in the middle of the river. It’s Mud a man who believes in hard love, a belief that Ellis needs to hold on to in order to try to forget the divorce from his parents which is preparing. Very quickly, Mud asks the teenagers to help him repair a boat that will allow him to leave the island with Juniper, the woman of his life who must join him. Difficult, however, for boys to detect the true from the false in his words. Did he kill a man? Is he really in danger? 

I started the film without conviction and I have been rocked by the story. Matthew McConaughey has onece and for all the class. The film is good way to discover Louisiana.


When five orphan girls are seen innocently playing with boys on a beach, their scandalized conservative guardians confine them while forced marriages are arranged. Mustang is a German-French-Turkish-Qatari dramatic film released in 2015. It shows five young Turkish sisters fiercely defending their zest for life and their freedom against the grip of a sweltering patriarchy. It was presented to the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Festival 2015. He was chosen to represent France in the 2016 Oscar course for the best foreign language film. He is one of five named in this category.

Interesting film that highlights this problem that many girls around the world unfortunately face.


Benjamin Gates follows in the footsteps of the Gates family, by wanting to lay hands on the famous treasure of the Templars, of immeasurable value, which would have been hidden by the Freemasons during the war of independence of the United States. However, this quest is not an easy task since one can only reach the treasure by following a clue, which is generally at another clue.

A real treasure hunt across the country. Film very absording, we want to find it! Who has never dreamed of looking for a treasure? At the time when Nicolas Cage was making good movies…  


Greta and Dave left England to move to New York. They both have a great passion … music. Dave got a solo contract with a big production house. After leaving for Los Angeles to record in the studio, he announces to Greta, with a song, that he is leaving for his press secretary. Totally dejected, collapsed and broke, she decides to return to England. During her last evening in New York, Greta performs one of her creations on stage in a bar, where Dan Mulligan, a producer of alcoholic music, depressed and on the decline. hears sing. He then has an illumination and his talent fascinates him. He then offered to produce his album … in the streets of New York.

A good movie to discover the quarters of The Big Apple.


The life of a simple bookshop owner changes when he meets the most famous film star in the world.


Bettie, a harried restaurant owner from Brittany, is an aging former beauty queen. She loves a married businessman who always told her he would divorce his wife in order to marry her. He indeed files for a divorce, but Bettie discovers that it is actually because he is also having another affair with another much-younger woman. At about the same time, the bank threatens to close down her restaurant. When she goes out to run some errands, she impulsively decides to leave her former life behind. She takes her car and just keeps on driving. She discovers other parts of France and makes new friends in the process.

Beautiful movie, it’s never too late to take the road and say fuck!


The day after the death of his father, Sal Paradise, an apprentice writer from New York, meets Dean Moriarty, a young ex-jailer with devastating charm, lover of the very free and very attractive Marylou. Between Sal and Dean, the agreement is immediate and fused. Determined not to be locked into a life too narrow, the two friends break their ties and hit the road with Marylou. Thirsty for freedom, the three young people set off to meet the world, others and themselves.


Ben Tyler lives in Toronto, Ontario. He is an English teacher in primary school. He is suddenly told that he has cancer evaluated between the fourth stage and the final stage. With only a 10% chance of survival and two years to live, the doctor recommends that he start treatment immediately, which gives him a better chance of survival. Instead of following the advice of his attending physician, he met to travel across Canada on a motorcycle.

Tomorrow, if your doctor tells you that you have little time left to live, what do you do? (I hope it won’t happen you!). But it’s an interessing question, beacause, why waiting to know the date of your death to realize your dreams? Do it now!


America, end of the 16th century. An expedition of thirty conquistadors is in search of Eldorado. Oro, the lost city (Oro) is a Spanish adventure film directed by Agustín Díaz Yanes, released in 2017.

The film is not famous and the critics are not incredible but I passed a good moment. The pace is high and the atmosphere is heavy, much violences, the customes and the landscapes are beautiful. I like this movie. 


Karen Christence Dinesen is a young Danish aristocrat who joined Kenya – during the British colonial era – to marry the brother of the lover who did not want her. Through her marriage, she becomes Baroness Karen Blixen. She quickly comes to feel a deep love for Africa, as Europe enters the First World War. She grows coffee trees on her farm on the initiative of her husband, the initial project being a dairy, in the hope of protecting the African tribe who lives there. Abandoned by her fickle husband, Karen falls in love with a wild hunter, loving adventures, Denys Finch Hatton.

Honestly, I didn’t watch this film but in each raking, I saw it, so I decide to put in it in the post. Maybe, there will interest some people. The film is very famous and it won a lot of prizes (many Oscars). 


Pirates of the Caribbean is a film media franchise about piracy produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is currently composed of five films made between 2003 and 2017. The franchise follows the adventures of pirate captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp.

The first one is the THE BEST! I love this movie! Me, who I played many hours with my Playmobil toys, What a pleasure to watch a film like that. Sometimes, I am still listenning the song “He’s a Pirate” from The Masterchief Hans Zimmer. What an adventure movie!


Johnny Utah, 25, a former college football player, had to give up his sports career following a knee injury. Now an FBI agent, responsible for investigating the gang of “ex-presidents”, author of 27 bank robberies. His teammate, Angelo Pappas, has a theory: for him, everything suggests that the robbers are a bunch of surfers. Johnny then infiltrates their environment, befriends the pretty Tyler, and discovers the mystical Bodhi.

Classic movie. The film offer a good story with action, suspense, adrenaline and good waves. The remake of 2015 is the subject of negative reviews and turns out to be a box office failure but the imagery are very stylish. 


Melodrama around the confrontation of two castes on Easter Island in the 17th century, the “short ears” and the “long ears”. Childhood friends, Make and Noro will dispute the love of a woman, Ramana. The historic details of this film are questionable, but the central theme—the destruction of the island’s irreplaceable forests—is well authenticated. The ethnic struggle in the story is derived from the legend of the Hanau epe. 


A young American expatriate doctor, John Lake, practices in the depths of Laos. One evening, on a beach, he tries to save a young girl from a rape committed by a young Australian and takes the aggressor to task; however, during the fight, the aggressor died. The next day, the latter was found dead in the Mekong and the lake became the number one suspect. Sought after by all the police forces of the country and by Interpol, there is no other choice, to get out of it, than to join the Thai territory. Unable to prove his innocence, he must find a way to flee the country at all costs. But without money, without passport, without speaking the language, how far can he go?

Outch, it’s a sad story…